Athleisure: Reigning Champ


As athleisure becomes more and more popular it’s imperative that your style is something that stands out amongst the masses. I’m excited to introduce you to my new style crush, but before I do that let me break down athleisure. Merriam Webster defines it as casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use. The phrased was coined by the fashion industry in 2014 to describe the “rising broad category of apparel that is clothing which can work for athletic pursuits, leisure time, or both.” As time becomes more of a precious commodity we’re forced to constantly look for ways to save time. This popular trend allows you to have an elevated look as you run errands without having to change before hitting the gym. You can master the look by opting for pieces that have a phenomenal fit, extraordinary fabrics, and supreme functionality. We’re all familiar with brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, but allow me to introduce you to my style crush Reigning Champ.

Reigning Champ was founded on the coast, in Vancouver, Canada by Craig Atkinson in 2007. The company is well known for designing and manufacturing premium athletic wear. The philosophy at Reigning Champ is simple; design original fabrics and handcraft garments for rugged construction and unrivaled comfort. Their principals: “Respect the details. Master simplicity” are apparent the moment you try on one of their garments. The company has a superb assortment that ranges from hoodies to sneakers. The company’s collabs with Adidas and New Era have only enhanced their ability to provide the best for their customer appreciate designs that support functionality and individuality.